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OMK HD Screenpack Release 1.0 [1280x720p]


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Welp, I have done the finishing touches for the screenpack.



Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Previous youtube vid:

Already changed some things, like in the screenshots =3




I might include an intro, but it will probably take too much space and lags you up =3=", unless you guys want it I can add as separate downloads and you can just put it in your mugen to be updated. Though, I didn't feel like that an intro is needed, though. The video is there, should be a good way to show itself as an intro xD.

Why I make this screenpack? It was originally a project that I had started long before. Though, due to some communication problems with my other partner, I started to make my own, slowly. So.. I decided to make one and I

liked the style of the game itself. So.. I made it HD, since it probably looks nicer this way. We are going to make a 640x480 one, but it will probably look different, though that can be discussed later.

I did the fonts for the menu, since I knew the other font wouldn't work well (obviously). I added a circle animation to make it like a proper selector =3.

Would I make another screenpack? Certainly, probably a 640x480 one, or another HD. But as of now, I'm still focusing on Kanon. He is in this screenpack, with his latest update I just made on him, and some fixes.

Now enjoy and post suggestions of possible screenpacks that you may want or need, though not MB since 7th is making it. I probably will make my CF3 screenpack since I have the rips for it o-o, but I'm probably going to try something else and focus on Kanon ._."

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Thanks PB, just wondering if you had problem with ports, I updated the SP. *AN update*, just in case anything had issues with making ports for the SP, I had edited it for characters 320x240 res and 640x480 res and included the templates for them. Meaning the characters with 640x480 needs a port 2 bigger than its size, which I have included. So in theory, the normal ports that I included before should now be used for 320x240 res (normal) and the new ones are for characters with 640x480 res. For any char with 1280,720 res, or custom, you have to figure it out yourself. Though 1280,720 ports are just 4x larger than 320x240 but needs some adjusting on offsets. I already included the coordinates in the text file for 320x240/640x480 chars and some port packs done. Mostly MBAA (Well all and one that is Oyashirorika made by Baggy). Enjoy and have a nice day ^^ Updated: http://mugencoder.com/addons.php?id=7

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