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Goutetsu by Shadow Blade


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Goutetsu by Shadow Blade aka Gerardo Chan.



My story: Back in the days, in late 2000s, I was looking for a Goutetsu for my MUGEN. I looked all over the internet, and found only 2 Goutetsus, one made by Failture that many people know, and the other made by Shadow Blade that very few people know. I managed to find both of them. The one by Shadow Blade, from what I can remember, was hosted in some file sharing site like 4shared or esnips. I never saw a thread about this Goutetsu in a forum. I just stumbled on a download page for this guy in some file sharing site. Maybe it was 4shared, but I don't remember that much.


He's only featured in this one YouTube video. I believe I saw this video before.


I came back in 2023 after some years of inactivity, and I found out that nobody has this guy uploaded anywhere. So, I decided to upload him. Checking the date on this character, I believe this is the first Goutetsu ever made and released for MUGEN. Last date modified was August 4, 2007. Failure's version is September 14, 2007. Pretty close.

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Oops... I have Goutetsu uploaded in 4shared already, in 2013. Sorry. Lol. I totally forgot about it.


However, it seems like my stuff is hard to find. Even with Goutetsu uploaded, nobody else has re-uploaded him anywhere from what I could find. It's good that I re-uploaded him on mediafire, and made this thread to make him more popular. Google didn't even index many if not all of my 4shared stuff. You'll have to find my MUGEN stuff and folder inside 4shared search engine.

I just tested Google searches and this thread has been indexed. That's great.

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