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Aquapazza: School Playground Stage


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Here's my first stage made for Ikemen GO, thanks to aokmaniac13 for ripping the sprites from this game, I was planning it to be also compatible with 1.1 but couldn't get it to work correctly due its resolution so it's Ikemen exclusive for now.


Standard Ver.

Widescreen Ver.
(note: screenshots were taken with MSAA filter on)


Comes with 4 .def files for Standard and Widescreen resolutions both with and without the zooming out feature, and also looping music too.
Feedback is very much appreciated, also I haven't learned how to do the falling petals effect yet sot I might update it in the future to include them.


Link to stage: https://www.mediafire.com/file/159lo3rt5u1q3pp/Aquapazza_School_Ikemen.rar/file

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