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stages/[Hiragana/Katakana folder name]/[stagename.def] not showing up in game



(sorry if the wording is kinda trash) but like... okay so the gist of it is I grabbed some stages from Luneth's website, and like, from the English readmes, it says to not take out the .def (specifically,

"stages/太陽の畑/Flower Land.def

Please input the sentence above to "select.def". Put out neither mp3 nor def and sff from the file."

- Read me English.txt [from garden_of_the_sun_v1_10.zip\Garden of the Sun\太陽の畑] (citing the Garden of the Sun stage file as an example)

so I did as it told me, putting the sentences in each English readme into "select.def", but the stages aren't showing up in game in the select a stage text and I'm not sure if this is a common issue with these or all kinds of stages with non-English subdirectories within the stages directory.


granted, help won't be on the speed dial, but it's worth a shot (sorry for the doubt, didn't want to make my first post here like garbage or something) (granted, I was like downloading stages and many many characters on the double, so much so that I forgot to eat) (I didn't want to ask something like this on [RESTRICTED SITE] cause... well, cause it's [RESTRICTED SITE] and I didn't want to stir any trouble without meaning to)


[edit: also, if it helps, the version of M.U.G.E.N I have on hand is M.U.G.E.N 1.0]

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Whatever you're putting in your .def must be the same route as the folder, in the example you provided I guess you put:

stages/太陽の畑/Flower Land.def


However once you extract the file you get this route:


stages/Garden of the Sun/太陽の畑 Which is what you have to put in your select.def (plus the file name of the stage of course).

But you can get rid of all the extra folders and just put the files inside stages, so you'll get:

stages/Flower Land.def


It'll work that way too. If the music doesn't change the route inside the stage file (Flower Land.def).


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13 minutes ago, Lilithtreasure said:

hmmm... might try that (putting the .def and .sff files outside those folders, but keeping the folders intact)



okay so about that, (without renaming the sound locations appropriately, but had to rename both the .def and .sff of one of the six I nabbed to English), now they load but the music doesn't play, just worried about breaking it without meaning to

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All right, from the stage I downloaded (Garden of the sun) if you open the def file you'll see this:


bgmusic = stages/‘¾—z‚Ì”¨/¡ÌŒ¶‘z‹½@` Flower Land.mp3

(sorry, I don't have the proper files for japanese installed on my computer)


Delete the folder in the middle so you'll have:


bgmusic = stages/‘¡ÌŒ¶‘z‹½@` Flower Land.mp3 

(Put the right name)

Then the music would work.

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