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The real Capcom vs Snk IKEMEN GO Release Made by OldGamer and Akito


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this is the real Capcom Vs snk Ikemen version remade and converted over the Ikemen go 98.2



Capcom vs Snk IKEMEN GO Screen pack full install version "just add character and stages"


Standalone Capcom vs Snk IKEMEN GO 
use this file incase Ikemen go get Updates



What the screen pack has?
Screen pack has 
1. A real Intro made by OldGamer
2. A real loading screen, by OldGamer
3. High score screen for Time attack, Survival, Winning score and High score poitns screen made By OldGAMER
4. Original lifebars with Simul Tag system and Turn setting made by OldGamer
5. All Logo and fonts were made by Akito
6. Akito Mugen Character made by Aktio
7. The two CVS Stage made by Master Yoda and Drex
8. The two CVS Stages were Ikemen Coded with DAY TO NITE by oldgamer
9. The two CVS Stages has sound with final round music ikemen code it by oldgamer 

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On 12/15/2022 at 9:23 PM, Biguag8 said:

This screenpack is amazing. It goes perfectly with the character Pots and Lasombra' interactive stages. But I don't know why it's offline. Please could you reupload the link?

sorry about that I don't know why google is doing this to me and thank you for making this post. 

I update the link and make sure nothing like this happen again

Also, if you find any my release has broken link, please let me know 

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