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[Len Edit] Basketball Len / Football Len


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ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo! It's Ya Boi CAH Here Bringing To Light Some MUGEN Characters That Were Lost In Time To Never Be Seen Again Or Are Hard Access Nowadays! I Want To Give A Special Shout Out To (Amaterachu1) Who Was Able To Find And Identify The Long Lost Basketball Ball Len Edit As Well As Football Len! Basketball Len Has Been Highly Requested Throughout The MUGEN Community Over The Years And The Only Place That Seemed To Have This Character Was The Site Known As Salty Bet! But Now... Everybody In The MUGEN Community Can Have A Chance To Finally Add Basketball Len To Their Rosters! Football Len Is Another Great Edit In Which See Uses a Soccer Ball For Her Weapon! Basketball vs Soccer (aka Fútbol)!! Who Will Win!? The Password To Access The File Is "mugen" Again, Major Props And A Big Thank You To (Amaterachu1) For Locating The Basketball Len Edit! Enjoy, Have Fun, And Caring Is Sharing! (o^.^)-b



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