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Does anyone have "Evil Balrog" edit



Well, I have looking  for  a such "Evil Balrog" edit, as it seems this was just a crappy swap palette. However the only reason I want the char is because my favorite char Omega Tiger Woods 2012 has a brief interaction when they are going to fight according to certain explode found in OTW's cns file:



[State people still has that char?]
type = Explod
triggerall = numexplod(1999) = 0
trigger1 = p2name = "EVIL BALROG!!!11" || p4name = "EVIL BALROG!!!11"
trigger2 = p2name = "Evil Balrog" || p4name = "Evil Balrog"
anim = 8006
ID = 1999
pos = 0,0
postype = left
bindtime = -1
scale = .5, .5
ontop = 1
ownpal = 1
ignorehitpause = 1

An old thread found here in MFFA has a link to get the char, but because the link are so old is now broken, sadly.

Finally there's one video online on YouTube where the char can be seen.


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Surprisingly, there are two Evil Balrogs, both made before 2005. The one shown in the video is by Diabolus-8, an edit of GCNMario's Balrog.


Which you can download here! I found it while browsing through esnips in the archives. Luckily, it was saved. This Evil Balrog is from 2004. https://web.archive.org/web/20090202171116/http://esnips.com/doc/0c126ed0-de1a-4a38-b19d-c97317b149c0/evilbalrog


Then, we have this older one, from 2003. It is made by Cid Ninja aka Cid Ninjer and Titiln. Download unavailable, for now. His display name is probably, "EVIL BALROG!!!11", the one referred to in the cns file. This is what Titiln had to say about this Balrog from Mugenguild,

"many years ago cidninja and me made a mugen char known as evil balrog. he was balrog except his skin was pitch black, gray hair red eyes and gray outfit. he only had one move that was a 1 hit ko punch. many people had a laugh with the char with some even proposing it as character of the month. evil balrog lives on in sf x tekken because everybody looks like the character i described due to the limited color choices."

I'll test to see what happens if Omega Tiger Woods meets Diabolus's Evil Balrog.

Just tested, and it works. Lol. I never knew that. I even tested Omega Tiger Woods v0.9 from 2005. It has a different interaction.

A little note: Diabolus version was also found at Mugen Depot, a site I visited a long time ago when it was still up. It was uploaded on rapidshare. I don't remember if I downloaded it or not, but I didn't have it. I totally forgot about Evil Balrog for many years... until 2023 when I came back after many years inactive. Good ol times. Nostalgic times too. I think Diabolus's Evil Balrog was made a bit more popular than Cid Ninja's and Titiln's version through Mugen Depot. I think Cid Ninja's and Titiln's version is much rarer.

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Hey that's great! I've downloaded the char and the explode works just like you say. Well, if the "Evil Balrog" that The_None mentioned in otw.cns was a OHKO char and nothing more I prefer Diabolus-8's version in my all opinion. So thank you so much!

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