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IKEMEN Generations Screenpack for IKEMEN Go 0.99 (HD 1280 x 720) by OroCrimson (Updated 3/07/2023)


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Warning: This Screenpack only works with IKEMEN Go version 0.99 set up with a 16:9 resolution! This is not designed to work on MUGEN.


I said I'd do it 4 months ago and I finally got around to it. This is a remaster of my MUGEN Generations screenpack, but for IKEMEN. While I kept the core simplistic design of the original, I wanted to correct what I considered to be some egregious errors as well as create all new health bars that look a lot more polished than the original, and take advantage of a lot of IKEMEN Go's additional features. Most especially, I wanted to let the user install this cleanly rather than providing it with a full MUGEN install like I did before. 


-A category-based screenpack, something I haven't seen for IKEMEN yet.
-Literally infinite character slots, believe it or not.
-Unlike MUGEN category-based select screens, it doesn't rely on an "invisible grid" that makes switching categories confusing.

-Really cool custom made lifebars based on KOF 2002

-Support for IKEMEN's additional features and modes.

Known jank: 

This screenpack uses IKEMEN's shared slot feature to allow for infinite character slots. This does create a few eccentricities not found in the MUGEN version however:

-When toggling through characters in a category, it'll change that slot for both players. It's best for both players not to browse the same category at the same time.
-When returning to the character select screen, rather than the cursor remembering what character you last chose, it'll instead be on the first character of the category you chose.
-There is no sound effect when switching between characters in the same category. 

There is nothing I can do to fix these issues, as that's just how the engine works with this feature at this time.


Update 1.0.2 - Updated for 0.99. That's the only change. If you're using 0.98.2, stick to version 1.0.1 (Found on AK1).


Update 1.0.1 - Fixed a pretty big bug, regarding the options menu. In version 1.0, scrolling down a long options list like in Game Options would cause the VS logo to appear in the top right of the menu. I realized I missed a component for that menu and have adjusted accordingly. Now small arrows appear when the list is bigger than what's on screen. If you're updating from version 1.0, you only need to replace system.def. 




Main Menu



Options Screen



Character Select



Team Character Select



VS Screen












Downloads (v1.0.2): AndersonKenya1 GoogleDrive Mega Mediafire Discord


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