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Creator's Collection: @ndroide


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@ndroide Collection

Also known as Droid and Humberstein, he's an old friend of mine and one of my first mentors when I started on MUGEN in the far 2000s, he was most known for being one of the creators of Mugen Hispania (the biggest spanish-spoken community in history) as well one of the first "Rugal Creators" along with Clarens and making boss characters as his speciality, being an inspiration for future creators. I made this collection as my tribute to him and to recover his legacy. Various downloads came from different sources (especially his Warner edits, from Fanatic Mugen), but most of the links are from my personal collection, that I get them back online so his legacy can remain. Enjoy the ride 😉 as always, any help is welcome.

Red is offline


Rugal Series


Android Rugal - Mech Rugal - CVS1 Rugal - CVS2 God Rugal - Adelheid Bernstein


Capcom Series


Charlie/Shadow - Akuma/Gouki (update of Sepher's)


SNK Series


CVS1 Yamazaki (with Meta Gouki) - Ash Crimson - CVS2 Orochi Iori


Warner Edits


Kenshin Himura - Makoto Shishio - Wario - Homer Simpson - Krusty the Clown - Turanga Leela - Mr. Incredible - Fred Flintstone

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