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Uru's Konoha and Ali's Mizuki's rage explosion not activating



So, Uru's Konoha and Ali's Mizuki are SamSho V Special style and they're supposed to have a "fatality" like the characters from that game. You're supposed to activate rage explosion in the second round so you're allowed to use that finisher, and I know both of them have it because Uru's site actually shows it for Konoha and I've seen other players do it on video with both of these characters. The problem is: I cannot activate rage explosion, no matter which button combinations I input. You're supposed to press the A+B+C buttons (not MUGEN ABC, the equivalent to the arcade ABC, I think its all attacks) to trigger it, and it works fine on Misao's characters, but not with these two. It doesn't kill the characters per se, but I like performing a fatality to finish off an enemy. I just don't know why it doesn't work nor how to fix it.


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