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Vanguard Princess

Sergio P

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This is a remake of Kazagami's original thread.

Click on the author names to download.


Red: Offline

Yellow: WIP

Orange: Cheap






Ayane Ikuse: Chikuchikugonzales - AI Patch by Holn / ZSM / Ramkun / 路傍

Eko: Mother Earth [NSFW Warning: has you-know-what sprites inside her SFF] - AI Patch by LJH / Unknown Editor

Eri HasumiHanno / RagnarokSenshi / ZSM / IDKLED Sennou-Room [CVS] - AI Patch by Holn / Nep Heart [Custom] - AI Patch by Holn / sugenomoto, aki

Haruka Kutsuna: JMGM / NuuType - AI Patch by LJH - AI Patch by Holn

Hilda Rize: JMGM - ArgDmon's Edit / KN*RS

Kaede Hioh: JMGM / SXVector ZSM / KN*RS




 Kurumi MirumatiHanno / Kagetsu Yuki [Custom] - AI Patch by LJH - AI Patch by Holn / kamaboko_saiha / hanokennkouizisouti

Lilith: SXVector / ZSM / B.B. Hood [UMvC3] - AI Patch by Holn / Nep Heart [Custom] - AI Patch by Holn / Gondwana

Luna Himeki: Chikuchikugonzales - AI Patch by QK2Key - AI Patch by Holn / 天天SY男 / IDKLED / Gondwana

Natalia Glinka: Dokuganryu JMGM ZSM

Saki Mitonoya: Chikuchikugonzales - AI Patch by Holn / Speedy9199 / Kagetsu Yuki [Custom] - AI Patch by Holn / Gondwana / kagenui / yukkuri

Yui KutsunaNuuType - AI Patch by Holn / ZSM / reddosukato


9pycPqb.png   T2TuSI8.png


Echidna: Nanikore* || Sierrakamabokosaiha**

*Basically just Mother Earth's Eko with different stance and walk animations. 

**Does nothing expect a single basic attack, 10 MB for nothing and is a Toki spriteswap.




Stage Collection - Provided by OskeinO

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