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More Pink Cure Leaders from Precure series for MUGEN?


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So we've got Cure Blossom and Cure Happy for MUGEN

Cure Black (Better Version), Cure Bright, Cure Dream (Better Version), Cure Peach, Cure Melody, Cure Heart, Cure Lovely, Cure Flora (Better Version), Cure Miracle, Cure Whip, Cure Yell, Cure Star, Cure Grace, Cure Summer and Cure Precious gets her own MUGEN




Pretty Cure belongs to Toei Animation

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Here's Assists for Pink Cure Leaders:


Cure Black's Assists:

Cure White

Shiny Luminous


Cure Bright's Assists:

Cure Windy

Kiryuu Kaoru

Kiryuu Michuru


Cure Dream's Assists:

Cure Rouge

Cure Lemonade

Cure Mint

Cure Aqua

Milky Rose


Cure Peach's Assists:

Cure Berry

Cure Pine

Cure Passion


Cure Melody's Assists:

Cure Rhythm

Cure Beat

Cure Muse


Cure Heart's Assists:

Cure Diamond

Cure Rosetta

Cure Sword

Cure Ace



Cure Lovely's Assists:

Cure Princess

Cure Honey

Cure Fortune

Cure Mirage

Cure Tender


Cure Flora's Assists:

Cure Mermaid

Cure Twinkle

Cure Scarlet


Cure Miracle's Assists:

Cure Magical

Cure Feline

Cure Mofurun


Cure Whip's Assists:

Cure Custard

Cure Gelato

Cure Macaron

Cure Chocolat

Cure Parfait

Cure Pekorin


Cure Yell's Assists:

Cure Ange

Cure Etoile

Cure Macherie

Cure Amour


Cure Star's Assists:

Cure Milky

Cure Soleil

Cure Selene

Cure Cosmo


Cure Grace's Assists:

Cure Fontaine

Cure Sparkle

Cure Earth


Cure Summer's Assists:

Cure LaMer

Cure Coral

Cure Papaya

Cure Flamingo


Cure Precious' Assists:

Cure Spicy

Cure Yum-Yum

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