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Mugen Mickey Mouse By Crowsar Release


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Meet the new version of Mickey Mouse Crowsar's Version.
So wait to see the Classic Mickey Mouse has join the party.
I seem to fix Mickey character that he used be by staying how he look.

For a long break in 2021, I get to finish Mickey in time and plan for the last 3 cartoon character left.

Oswald, Felix, Pooch, Bimbo and Now Mickey Mouse. The 5th Classic Cartoon Character from the 1920's-1930's era.

His play style is mostly like Epic Mickey, Sorcerer and Magic.


Classic: Magic/ Paint
List: Teleport, Slingshot, Tornado, Paint/ Thinner, Fireball, Shock, Magic Bean, Meteor, Rainbow, Meteor Shower, Sea Shower, Lighting Strikes, Blizzard, Boost Power/Healing


Download Link Mickey Mouse:

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Ok.. the Spritework is pretty good, but I've had a bunch of issues when trying him out


1. He's completely invincible when doing Hypers. even when running at you to perform them, meaning you have no way to counter besides blocking it.


2. A bunch of the Hypers are copied from DDR's Sorcerer Mickey, with little to no changes, aside from Mickey having no hitbox.


3. Head, and Mid.pos values are unchanged from Kung Fu Man. consider this a bit of a nitpick, but it will cause issues for characters that rely on the Head positioning for their attacks, let's say a missile is programmed to go straight for his head, it will fly right over him, due to the Head.pos being unchanged from Kung Fu Man.


4. Sounds, a big bunch of them were taken from DDR's Sorcerer Mickey, and some aren't properly recorded, for the Paint brush ones, I can hear someone speaking in the background, I can't understand what's being said though.


5. Waaay too many CLSNs, when viewing his .air file, Mickey looks like he's wearing body armor, there's no need for 6 CLSNs and more for each frame, that clogs up the .AIR file with a huge bunch of CLSNs which aren't needed at all.


I am not trying to say it's bad by any means, but there's just a few issues here.

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