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My Mugen Megamix HD Remix Collection [DOWNLOADABLE]


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My Mugen Megamix HD Remix Collection [DOWNLOADABLE]



Hi, so


˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ I decided to do something a little different andprovide you guys a mugen that you all are probably familiar with and that is Megamix HD Mugen 😄 

· ♡ Not much to say but that, I literally completed this roster within a day lol but it still was tough shit since, yknow "missing characters" were an obsticle. and that I made this mugen because I didn't see anyone else on here make their version of it and made it downloadable...so yeah lol


You can download it here:


· ♡ That's all, just a heads-up the mugen will look different for you guys when you download it for, the one you're seeing had missing characters + randomselects I forgot to fill lmao. but yeah, that's about it.


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