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Kyle Broflovski Sumin style (South Park)

Richard 89

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Ok remember the character I had in my last two profile cover photos? Well I thought I'd go ahead and put him on here as  my other upload since I mentioned I'd put 2 characters before I stopped to save what memory I have left.


Now, he plays sorta like a smash character, since the sfx from smash Bros. Melee is in there and he has a grab which can be used in down, right, up and left to throw your opponent the opposite way. His intro involves his little brother Ike.

However if struck by a really strong attack like an uppercut or a claw swipe by a beast character, he goes flying upward as a star k.o (Team Rocket: were blasting off again!)




Warning: just like the show, he has foul language. Author name is someone who uses "me" in their name.

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