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NEW! -GODIMUS PRIME MUGEN 1.1 Transformers


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Godimus Prime is from the independent comic book "Return of Convoy eXtended" series.
He is impervious as long as he remains in a neutral state (transparent).
D,DF,F 1P - Zodiak Mind Beam
D,DF,F 1K – StarConvoy Slicer
D,DB,B 1K – Zodiak Shower
D,DF,F 1P – Necron Ion Blaster
1P + 1K – Zodiak Clusters
D,HK – Air Kicker
U – Endless Flight
D,DF,F 2Punches – Zodiak Starlight Beam
D,DB,B 2Punches - StarConvoy Missiles
D,DF,F 2Kicks – StarLance Spear
D,DB,B 2Kicks – Zodiak Protektor
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