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DOAOL Private Server :O for free O.o


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Download and no need to install jus play


you need 7zip to open the file


To get started to set up for DOAOL I found this on youtube


System requirements:

* Operating system Windows Win98/ME/XP

* Processor with frequency no less 2.8 Ghz;

* Video card: 128 Mb of videomemory (ATI Radeon 9800pro and higher).

* 512 Mb of main memory;

* 2,8 Gb of available space on a hard disk;

* DirectX 9.0p.

well I wanted to shares this with everyone and something I found by mistake so enjoy and see u on the Asia server :D AND YES THE GAME SUPPORT GAMING CONTROLLER xD

back up downlaod


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:bow: its be great honor if I see you there noside and love to spar with u anytime and yes the game support game controller & but does not save character progress or your stats of that matter. but u can enjoy good fight with everyone :D also its best u click New role this way u can rename your self. every time. I also find out that Asia sever is more active than the russian server. and with good speed connecting and for reason the Russian server is good choose to if just wanna spar with just few ppl. the game support window mode and full screen. but only window mode setting is only 1024 X 768. and for the battle mode screen is 640 X 480 & 1024 x 768 .
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