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Name : Piccolo

Creator : Ryon

Form : Nail Fused / Kami Fused?

Gameplay Style : Super Butoden + Original

=Move List=

Charge - c

Ki Blast - z

Halo Stomp - F, D, a or b (air SB2)

Supersonic Kick - F, B, F, a or b (2 hits)

Eye Beams - F, B, F, z

Unfolding Mystery - D, B, z (stuns, NO DAMAGE)

Mystic Grab - F, B, F x or y (Grab)

Knee Uppercut - DB, FU, a or b (1 hit antiair)

=Super List=

Light Grenade - D, F, D, F, a or b (Single Hit, Only "HP" can stop it.)

Special Beam Cannon - D, F, D, F, x or y (Single Hit)

Hellzone Grenade - D, F, D, F, z (8~10 hits)


Multi-Form - D, F, D, F, c

Get more of my characters at MugenFreeForAll.Com

Join the forums dont be afraid, we may be warehousers but we are some of the nicest interent poeple your EVER gonna meet.

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