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Moves for my own version of Princess Daisy from Mario.


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I've been planning on making my own version of Daisy for quite some time, and I did manage to get a portrait and some sprites for her.



(Drawn by a wonderful lady named SakuraAlice33)






However, the sprite artist I was working with (Dan is his name) was having problems with PayPal. Fortunately, another artist named jafar came and decided to work on Daisy in Dan's place.


I decided to rework Daisy's character and moves. My goal this time is to pretty much make Daisy recognizable. Give her the same sassy tomboy personality she had in the games, and also make her gameplay look legit, as if she was coded by Nintendo (with a few of my personal tastes).


My initial idea for her was to make her switch to certain outfits during certain specials or supers. I'm still going for that.


Here's what I got so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11o6-yS1Air-rcxUIOEowyM2vnGT6vyk7ATsU6gAOLNs/edit?usp=sharing


To anyone who has extensive knowledge about Daisy: What moves would you give her? I'm open for suggestions.

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