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SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx (Edited/Updated)


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SF3 Sagat by Vegeta 20xx, edited by me
What's Done:
1. Added new big and small portrait
2. Fixed misaligned grab/throw
3. Fixed misaligned shining scare on the chest pose
4. Added new alt sff using sf3 sprites by eFeX, Chamat and chuchoryu (but had some palette issue)

Note: The Problem is the lack of frames in chuchoryu's sprite sheet. So the new sff file has some palette issue because I had to keep some old SFA sprites back there which use different palette map.

Here are those sprites, if anyone gonna improves and fills up the missing frames.


Link In The Video Description.

I have zero experience in character editing. So don't expect anything extra-ordinary here. Thank You! 

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