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  1. Jin Kazama VS God Rugal [youtube] [/youtube]
  2. Jin Kazama VS Rugal Bernstein [youtube]https://youtu.be/cFgHUZM8MXs[/youtube]
  3. Jedah Dohma VS Asura https://youtu.be/95pKw8-dH74 Mini Super Smash Bros. Fighter Tournament https://youtu.be/nfcENOzDL5A https://youtu.be/BE2zRcODLvs https://youtu.be/h_AGP__QwLs https://youtu.be/H0QB-TCuyE4
  4. Mini Super Smash Bros. Fighter Tournament - Match #1 Kazuya Mishima VS Ken Masters https://youtu.be/nfcENOzDL5A
  5. Dio Brando VS Nero Chaos(Nrvnqsr) Venessa VS C. Viper
  6. Kula Diamond/Foxy/Angel VS Venessa/Leona Heidern/Whip
  7. Kenshiro VS Mishima Family [Tekken][Hokuto no Ken/Fist Of The North Star]
  8. Kazuya Mishima VS Terry Bogard [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate][Tekken][The King Of Fighters][MUGEN 1.1]
  9. Dio Brando VS Rugal Bernstein [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure][The King Of Fighters]
  10. Kenshiro VS Orochi Team & Orochi [The King Of Fighters][Hokuto no Ken/Fist Of The North Star]
  11. R. Mika VS Angel [Capcom VS SNK 3][Street Fighter VS The King Of Fighters][CVS3/PotS][MUGEN 1.1]
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