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My new and personal sound effects pack II


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I've decided to reupload some of my old sound effects in both my own site and this one, please give credit if used however. :goodmood:

Ever since megaupload was down, I lost a lot of files down the drain for good and especially topping it off that I also had a terabyte worth more before but that also is gone out of a random malfunction forever, so this batch is a lot smaller than before. These are currently used on my own personal character (but I don't know a spot here to show details yet about who......? :confuse: )

Anyway, these are all in wave format, so they can be used anywhere (RPG Maker, Game Maker, Mugen, Fraxy, Nemesis Online):


No passcode required yet, but I'll have to change that eventually. These are of some rips and such, and this file does not have my VA in it so that folder is empty. Uploading this just before my birthday btw. :bye:

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Fufufu, thank you in turn of the greetings as well. Sorry I was slow to respond, I had some connection issues but I think I will show what I'm working on in some spots. Glad these came in useful because actually I have a lot more where that came from including attempts of voice acting out for my own character, so you know. Posted Image

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