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Nitori Kawashiro WIP

Nep Heart

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 It's been a while since I've done a brand new MUGEN project and this'll be my first one for the year. Fun fact; Nitori was actually the second character I had plans to make for MUGEN, but the pre-existing sprites at the time were extremely lacking in quality and I just skipped ahead to do Akyuu instead. Thankfully, RicePigeon's commission ultimately came through and gave us this wonderful sprite set that he's generous enough to share... well, except the in-game icon, I took it upon myself to draw it from hand.


 I'll add her voice later, but if anyone has recommendations, I'd love to hear it.


 All normals, most specials and and one super finished so far alongside all her basic stuff.






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 Now to actually show what Nitori's Unique Ability is. Also, added her voices in the meantime since I found what I can settle with.




 Based on Rice's version, hers is also the Sortie. However, there are major key differences in my version. 


 It doesn't cease when Nitori is hit, although she can't shoot from it while in a hitstate otherwise.


 It shoots a water bullet upon pressing the UA input, albeit you can only perform one shot every 90 frames, and Nitori can do this while in control, in the middle of a doing normal attack or in the middle of doing a special attack. This adds an extra layer to Nitori's effective space denial pressure, defense and combos.

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