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[PS1] Ape Escape


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Oh yes.

Ape Escape.

My favorite game for the PS1. Ever (out of what I've played)

Me an this one go back. Waay back. First game I ever beat too xD

The music rocked, the characters were cool and the gadgets were FUN. Honestly, I don't know HOW many times I wished the flying copter was real.

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Oh wow I remember playing this game now, this game is the reason why I had to buy an analog gamepad. I completed every stage and captured all the monkeys and yeah sneaking is good lol it also got some mini games like pigs invader, skate boarding and my favorite one is boxing.

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Snowboarding, and Space Invader. And yes, the boxing. Boxing is my fav minigame, but Space invaders had the best music. I caught all ze monkies too! :D The factory HAS to be the hardest level though, I NEEDED a guide to beat that one. And to think I used to not wanna play it due to being scared of the rock spitting gopher-things.

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