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Ivan Ooze Movie Voice Pack


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A while back, the Brazilian MUGEN team made an Ivan Ooze for MUGEN based on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Fighting Edition game's final boss. What annoyed me is that the voices were pretty cliche as they were custom made ones voiced by one of the team members.

So, I decided to rip some voices from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers movie where he makes his only appearance. In the movie, he tends to be sarcastic and evil. Often making jokes and other stuff.

Well anyway, I incorporated some of his more awesome phrases into it in this Sound pack a couple of days ago. This will probably be the last MUGEN related item I release.



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I'm not leaving per say, just not doing anymore projects. It mainly has to do with me being too ambitious with what I want to do for my first characters. I am taking a break from playing MUGEN though... Primarily because it becomes a bad addiction for me. But enough whining from me, time to discuss what you guys think of the voice pack, if anything at all... http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/Ivan_Ooze The Brazilian MUGEN team's site's down. I'll upload Ivan here later.

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