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Streets of Rage series sprites and stage rips


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Here's a little collection of sprite and stage rips I've done:

Posted Image

BKIII/SOR3 White House/City Hall Exterior (note: One of the background scroll layers is too long. I think it's the one with the flowers but I'm not positive.)

Posted Image

SOR3/BKIII Round 6 full map with unused areas included.

Posted Image

SOR3/BKIII White House/City Hall Interior

Posted Image

SOR 3/ BKIII Dr.Zero/Dr. Dahm boss room. (missing claw and additional Dr. Zero/Dahm animations.)

Posted Image

SOR3/BKIII City Hall/White House News Room

Posted Image

Bare Knuckle II Beta

Posted Image

Bare Knuckle Mobile Souther


The following are from my SORMaker mod, Syndicate Story:

Posted Image

Mr.X's Mansion

Posted Image

Long Fence

Posted Image

Crappy sky that used to go with the Long Fence thing.

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