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Marvel's Infinity Tournament MUGEN HD


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Hi everybody!
Unlike the previous ones that I uploaded, this one does not have a story mode for the simple fact that Mugen 1.1 is not compatible with the tool to create a story mode.
It does include an elaborate Arcade mode with Intros and Endings for each character. It has about 70 characters and stages.
This game is more pleasing to the eye as it is in HD.
The characters and setages are not my own. I take this opportunity to congratulate their creators for their work, as well as the lifebars and the screenpack, which are from the user Devon.
Inside the "Recursos" folder there is a file of type "Ico" in case you want to create a shortcut for "mugen.exe" and use a more characteristic icon.
Also, in the "Data" folder, inside the "MTHD" folder, there is a folder called "Storyboards" with various Select some specific characters to use in Arcade mode and have specific fights (For example if they use Captain America, in arcade mode they will meet Red Skull, Winter Soldier, USAgent, etc.).
Hope you like!

Devon's website:

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