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~ Castlevania Bloodlines Sprites ~


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Just a preview of the greater sum of bloodlines sprites (link) which i found earlier today. One stage is MISSING from these sprites for some reason.

I know this to be true since its a playable stage, Static and shortened, But playable. Wish all this wasnt so confusing.

Ive wanted to do this for a long time. NOW theres a real chance for once for these to be mugenized, Because they can be accessed easier.

Lots of people like to uphold the other castlevania games and always will - ''Oh castlevania X! .. Oh castlevania 3!'' .. Yet they simply arent as

intense as this game in its characters, Its artistry, Even its music. Bloodlines genuinely tried to increase how much the undead characters could gross out or put someone in the protagonists perspective and make people feel fear, Not to mention because the difficulty is insane here with this sequel. An underrated game always pushed back into the shadow of (demonstrably) Less mature titles in its franchise.


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