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Help Regarding Sprite Imports for Intros



I'm currently trying to figure out how to create intros and was importing my sprites. However, I noticed that my sprite pallets were automatically setting the background color (black) to be transparent. Is there any way to disable this? If not, is there an more efficient way of importing sprites for creating an intro? I was following this tutorial, which did not mention how to disable or bypass the transparency (unless I somehow missed it after watching it 3 times). 

Incase this has something to do with it, the version of Fighter Factory I'm using is Version (32bits), my video was created using Sony Vegas Pro 15.0 (exported as mp4), and was converted from mp4 to gif to png.


EDIT: Turns out it was a problem with Sony Vegas. I forgot to add a background layer in my video and that somehow carried over between the mp4 to png.

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