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Can someone help me convert certain 1.1 character to 1.0?



Hello! I would like to ask if someone could try helping me convert certain 1.1 to 1.0 character, which is Devil (1st Phase) from game titled Cuphead by Dark Ruler. When I tried adding this 1.1 char to my 1.0 roster and tries using it I got error about something according .sff (sprites) file. I tried doing something on my own, and reading some topics on other MUGEN forum-type sites about converting 1.1 chars to 1.0 and it seems it could be both horribly hard or truly easy. In my case I tried opening .sff file in Fighter Factory 3, and simply saving it as 1.0 compatible, ignoring errors FF3 threw out. Surprisingly it made character work without any errors during fight, but sprites are a bit messed up. So I assume this is possible thing to do to make this char fully work in 1.0 and it might be just partially hard/complicated. Would be glad for any help :)

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