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Arcade Randomization





I have been playing mugen like years. I have played winmugen, 1.0.  I have more than 100 characters in roster and more than 60 stages but whenever i play arcade it seems like mugen always brings same characters/stages. I start an arcade, fight against a few opponents, ESC quit, start arcade again and same characters and stages over again. Sometimes same stage appear twice in a row and i kinda got used to that. I did not put any order except the last boss fight. Does mugen engine work that way or is it just me?



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Assuming you have the characters' "order" all programmed correctly (is it ok to just not assign them, as you said?), then my guess is your issue is caused by spaces in the names of the stage files.  For example, if a stage file name is ThePit.def then you'd be ok, but if the stage file is named The Pit.def you may encounter an issue where the arcade ignores the order of characters and puts you in stages that don't make sense.  It will even go as far as to put you in a stage you canceled out in your select file.


Try looking up how to remove all spaces from the FILE NAMES in the stages folder.  There are different solutions depending on your operating system.  Once you've removed all spaces from the file names, you will also need to make sure the names of those files are adjusted in the file you're using to select your character order and character assigned stages, as well as the extra stages listed at the bottom.  In most cases, that file is the "select.def" file unless you changed something.


Personally, once I removed all spaces from all my stage files, I had 100% control of who shows up in what order and I always ended up with the right stages being used.  Make a back up of your stages folder before you try running any script that mass changes the file names inside of it.

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Hmm, I think i did not express myself correctly.


I did not put any order for stages or characters. Let's forget about orders and boss fight stuff. Let me put it this way. Let's say i have 100 characters in roster and 60 stages. Among these characters i have Ryu, Ken, Iori etc...There is no any kind of order.  I want everything to be random. I want to fight against a random characters in a random stages. I start arcade. In the first round i fight against Ryu in stage number 1, in the second match i fight against Ken in stage number 2 and Iori in stage number 3 and so on. Everything seems random as i wanted. I finish arcade run. I start a new arcade and I fight against Ryu, Ken, Iori in same stages again. They may appear in a different order but what i mean is even though i have 100 characters and 60 stages, it feels like my roster only consists of 10 characters and 5 stages. Or this is what i feel. 


select.def file seems like this;

;Add Characters below!
Evil Ryu

 ......it goes on


Insert your stages below


......and it goes on


Like i said, there is no any order. I want everything to be random but it feels like mugen only loads some of them, not all of them. I hope i managed to tell it correctly.




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At this point I'm speculating, but, I believe you NEED to give them all an order.  Don't just leave them with no order. 


If you just want everyone random, add this after each name: 

,, order=1


So for example you'd have:   Gouki,, order=1  

(be sure to have two commas after his name like I do)  Do that for every character you want to randomly fight in Arcade mode.  Then, if you have bosses, just have them be order=2.  If you want to leave anybody out, give them order=0 which forces them to be ignored.


Also, can you confirm that when you look in your stages folder not a SINGLE file has a space in it?  In my experience, even one stage file with a space in the name can cause the arcade mode to go crazy and give the same problems you're experiencing.

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