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Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle 27 EX

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What is this ?


A MUGEN compilation  made by myself which reproduces the Dragon Ball Ultimate Batlle 22/27 PSX game, with some improvements 😉


Special Thanks to Supermystery, Electrocaid, GohanSSM2 & G.o.D, without them this can't be possible. Check the disclaimer-credits file for more details.




Why an "EX" mention you'll ask me? because this game comes with some special guest  😮 :






Also comes with 3vs3 & 4vs4 for more crazyness  :mad: :




Video demonstration:




Link = https://mega.nz/file/t1pklaZZ#uebTQIK96oCBUEpxe7Kf4ZgR3z8UrgmTl4CKTuQXt0Q


Enjoys 😉

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1 hour ago, Noside said:

The Sega Saturn sprites for this game are slightly better, guess there are no sprites ripped yet.


You're rather right but In fact I wanted to  do a fullgame with Supermystery's DBZ chars, that was the first idea...


However in Sega Saturn version some hypermoves are strange lol & UB22 game got more sprites.

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