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Metal band looking for a mugen team


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Hi, my name is Simon Charlier. I'm the guitar player of Sercati and The Nightstalker (metal bands)

I would like to ask few questions

We would like to adapt our universe in mugen game, but we didn't know anything about mugen game.

In our songs, we tell the story of a fallen angel (Our main character - The Nightstalker) who decided to descend on Earth and protect human of the demons of Lucifer. And we would like to know it's possible for someone to collaborate with us to made a mugen game about our characters and universe (sprite of the character and other). The universe is really good to made a versus fight game (each character has his own fight abilities)

We released 4 albums with Sercati and 4 albums with The Nightstalker about this universe and we wrote 1 book about the adventure of The Nightstalker.

Whe have also released a comic book and a movie about our main character.

Here is our links





If you want to help us in this try. It will be a pleasure for us.

Unfortunately we are not able to pay for the devellopement, it's just a proposition if you're looking for a universe for a future mugen game / characters. And we will spread throught our labels.

Have a nice day

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