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Ikemen GO NETBATTLE Ver12 Full Game and Empty Pack Release


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Warning the Full game and Empty Screen Pack is still in a 
Beta state and not fully complete.

About Ikemen GO Netbattle

this software is not fully complete it still in the beta stage of a 
working progress It's not yet implemented yet on certain things 
the game may cause some kind of lag or a few minor crashes or 
when characters are misbehaving during that netplay or gameplay 
if you have any further questions please come to 
joined are Ikemen Discord for further Question

Netplay issue

netplay is really fun 
when you're trying to play online with your friends be assured that you have a direct connection with the Ethernet also be sure that you have a very powerful internet speed on Ikemen go and for those are using low frequencies on Wi-Fi connection or low connection you will experience lag and Spike lag and cuase random DC with other players


in the VPN folder 
you'll be able to choose which version of VPN software you like to use to connect 
with your friends we also provide you a pdf vpn guide for you to follow 

The full Game is a complication Collection with working Stable 200 Mugen Characters and 30 mugen stages for the Ikemen go
Download link is located at Game Jolt


The Empty Pack is the full working Screen Pack with ONLY 1 mugen character and 1 Mugen stages for anyone want to add there own characters and there own mugen stages.  

download is located at Google Drive


Special Thanks to the people made it possible to make my screen pack a dream
there beta testing and support and there feedbacks made it possible 
1.  K4thos- creating the software
2. Gacel windblade - for makking it stable and support K4thos
3.  Rodknee - for good friend and help me with a lot lua coding issue
4.  KingTT4- for supporting us with vpn guides on how to connect
5.  Suehiro- for creating the software the god father of ikemen
6.  Fclass - for being great teacher to me when I first started Ikemen
7. Akito Sama- beta test
8. Deliver2ThaDeek -beta test
9.  xNEROX for his mugen stages
10. Mugen Creators and there Characters working for the Ikemen GO Plus
11. Orochi - told me about ikemen go plus 
12. Raykiller- beta test 
13. nano cannon- some advice for the screen pack and youtube follower
14. packiller21- advice and supporter to my youtube channel 

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