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I like to make an announcement about the Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 AND I've been doing a lot of experimenting with the software and I learned there's a limitation on how much you can put into a Sprite data .SFF for the Intro.sff and System.sff when you're trying to save it through the fighters Factory limitation is 120mb for the intro as HD quality 720P for the system data limitation is 400mb are the HD quality 720P for the intro please keep it as 120mb don't go over or the intro won't work same thing for the system data don't go over 400 megabytes or you'll get em crash message on the screen so please limit yourself when adding Sprite in HD quality 720P

if you were making an intro for the Mugen software for the 480p that 640x480 and 240p that 320x240 your limitation is 800 images but for the HD quality 720p the limitation is 120mb for the intro.sff and 400 mg the system.sff, Please don't go over the limitations for this high-quality definition
don't the intros and system.sff



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