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CozySquirtle's Add-On Release Thread (2019)


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I had a similar thread before the crash a few months back and I believe that it was lost, which is no big deal.

Side note: If your using Fighter Factory 3, you can just right click the image, save it as a .PNG and apply the palette to said character from there.

However, if you want the .ACT, its located at my site (Please keep in mind that I'm still trying to add this stuff to my site, so please bare with me.): https://cozysquirtlemugen.weebly.com/













- 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' styled palette for Android 18 by GKnux

- '90's X-Men Cartoon' styled palette for Rogue by Splode

- '90s Spider-Man Cartoon' styled palette for Spider-Man by Koldskool

- 'Street Fighter V' styled palette for Cammy White by Varo_Hades

- 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' styled palette for Lucina by Bagilu

- 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' styled palette for Sonic The Hedgehog by Sean Altly

- 'Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3' styled palette for MegaMan Zero by N64Mario



Hi-Res Palettes:





- 'RWBY: Season 2 - Huntress Attire' styled palette for Yang Xiao Long by OHMSBY



Small Portraits:



pXAm76b.png - Kyo Kusanagi by Hero
lgPT76a.png - Metal Sonic by MUGENHunter
62YHEUj.png - Yang Xiao Long by OHMSBY (V1)
N18gCuD.png - Ruby Rose by OHMSBY (V1)
0kQ80hr.png - Yang Xiao Long by OHMSBY (V2)
tvFJgmQ.png - Ruby Rose by OHMSBY (V2)
nQKR24y.png - Shadow The Hedgehog by MUGENHunter
YxM1x8M.png - Blaziken by dshiznetz
pmcmDcx.png - Reptile by chuchoryu
Rx4k0NQ.png - Scorpion by chuchoryu
cPh9rm9.png - Sub-Zero by chuchoryu
va7dg5q.png - Blaziken by dshiznetz (V2)
9OwYBXG.png - Breloom by dshiznetz
4wVE4BG.png - Combusken by dshiznetz
zs9TLYm.png - Gardevoir by dshiznetz
TybKqq3.png - Lucario by dshiznetz
UVjL6az.png - Snorlax by dshiznetz
fw4qLeS.png - Mika Returna by OHMSBY
HbA7PCQ.png - Gotenks by Gladiacloud
vq1wK4b.png - Link by KingCharz
YecAWEh.png - Iron Man by ReddBrink
BpiJsBi.png - Blake Belladonna by k6666orochi
2vGTzVU.png - Vegeta by Kenshiro99
uWsJyh8.png - Vegeta (V2) by Kenshiro99
glyo81G.png - Ragna the Bloodedge by OHMSBY
CVC7rS0.png - Vegeta by Kenshiro99
RQ2XqAV.png - Android 18 by GKnux
FEVYNkO.png - Goku SSJ4 by legendtta
AEi0z1r.png - Super Mario by ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH
4mHmTUk.png - Vegeta SSJ4 by legendtta

VIp64OC.png - Liu Kang by chuchoryu

FyVi3M7.png - Mai Natsume by OHMSBY

NEebvOw.png - Phoenix by Mr.Giang


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