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adding sounds to a character with no snd file

Easily Triggered


so I checked the past forums, and they said to put the specific codes and adding that character his/her own snd file by copying from another character's snd file, and I did everything they said and I just couldn't even make a fart noise on just hitting the opponent


yes I am that dumb to be unable to put a hit sound on my character


I will post the codes here below and tell me what I am missing


[Statedef 200]

type = S ;State-type: S-stand, C-crouch, A-air, L-liedown

movetype= A ;Move-type: A-attack, I-idle, H-gethit

physics = S ;Physics: S-stand, C-crouch, A-air

juggle = 10 ;Number of air juggle points move takes

;Commonly-used controllers:

velset = 15,0 ;Set velocity (x,y) (Def: no change)

ctrl = 0 ;Set ctrl (Def: no change)

anim = 200 ;Change animation (Def: no change)

poweradd = 45 ;Power to add (Def: 0)

sprpriority = 2 ;Set layering priority to 2 (in front)


[State 200, 1]

type = HitDef

trigger1 = Time = 0

attr = S, NA ;Attribute: Standing, Normal Attack

damage = 23, 0 ;Damage that move inflicts, guard damage

animtype = Light ;Animation type: Light, Medium, Heavy, Back (def: Light)

guardflag = ;Flags on how move is to be guarded against

hitflag = MAF ;Flags of conditions that move can hit

priority = 3, Hit ;Attack priority: 0 (least) to 7 (most), 4 default

;Hit/Miss/Dodge type (Def: Hit)

pausetime = 2, 80 ;Time attacker pauses, time opponent shakes

sparkno = 3 ;Spark anim no (Def: set above)

sparkxy = -10, -76 ;X-offset for the "hit spark" rel. to p2,

;Y-offset for the spark rel. to p1

hitsound = 5, 0 ;Sound to play on hit

guardsound = 6, 0 ;Sound to play on guard

ground.type = High ;Type: High, Low, Trip (def: Normal)

ground.slidetime = 5 ;Time that the opponent slides back

ground.hittime = 12 ;Time opponent is in hit state

ground.velocity = -4 ;Velocity at which opponent is pushed

airguard.velocity = -1.9,-.8 ;Guard velocity in air (def: (air.xvel*1.5, air.yvel/2))

air.type = High ;Type: High, Low, Trip (def: same as ground.type)

air.velocity = -1.4,-3 ;X-velocity at which opponent is pushed,

;Y-velocity at which opponent is pushed

air.hittime = 12 ;Time before opponent regains control in air


[State 200, 5]

type = ChangeState

trigger1 = AnimTime = 0

value = 0

ctrl = 1


Take note that the character i am editing has no snd file whatsoever so I just copied and pasted from a character that has one and renamed it to my character's


additional question: how do I add hitsparks to my character that has no hitsparks of his/her own and uses it on a MUGEN screenpack? I want to use my own so it would be really helpful if you guys can give me some tips and guides on how to add one 


the program I am using to edit is Virtualtek Fighter Factory 3

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