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Totoro Released! (Edit of TTRO from SCWU)


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Totoro for mugen has been made! a new edit my me and my girlfriend DragonLord, using TTRO by Valgallah. i uplaoded my first version on the archive (blech) since this site was down and not much else to do. This however is a more updated version, with 4 new palettes, damage tweaks, and other refinements. Here's the description from archive.


"An extensive edit of the SCWU TTRO to make it an actual Totoro! Now Totoro can finally join the battle , and in a quite decent character if i do say so myself.

what exactly has been done?

- Removed and replaced all sprites featuring the cosplay girl in the original, turning TTRO into a standalone Totoro, no longer a mech-suit
- All sounds of the anime girl voice were removed (not replaced however)
- has new Portrait [made from a picture on google, that was then pixelized] (also added a new win picture, but it's not being picked up by mugen for some reason)
- Fireball has been replaced by Totoro shout (works the same but hit box is slimmer and longer, and now he shoots out the Japanese spelling of his name, "トトロ" 
- Instead of a tour bus with cat bus attire, the real CatBus appears for his level 3 super
- adjusted damage for level 3 super to be more fair
- adjust some other moves

things to note
- no winqoutes (we forgot, sorry ;_;)
- limited sounds now, mostly those weird mechanical roars
- as stated, the victory picture does not load for some reason, so mugen uses the select portrait instead
- Holn's ai patch for SCWU TTRO causes glitches to this Totoro, specifically causing a second Totoro to be stuck wit the first (also the patch makes the character ai only but that was the same for the original)
- Is still essentially the same in gameplay, button layout, sprite style, etc as SCWU TTRO, just now is themed to be as Totoro himself and not a cosplay.

Things that would be nice (we probably will not add these ourselves [still learning edits and stuff] so anyone is free to edit this if they please)
- Ai that doesn't cause glitches and still lets the player control the character
- More Sounds, specially for the intro, victory pose, and taunt. Preferably actual sounds from the movie or other official media
- Victory screen portrait fix
- more moves (the sisters, the mini totoros, the sooth gremlins, the growing trees, the flying top, the possibilities are endless!)
- any other polish needed

We hope you enjoy this edit, and as i said, since we probably won't be coming back to Totoro for a long time, if anyone would like to edit or ad anything to this edit, whether it be a good ai or more abilities, feel free to do so!

Original character was from SCWU, made by Valgallah for mugen. Credit for base goes to the them, the original author and game creators.
gonna take a break now, think we earned it"



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1 hour ago, wicloud said:

Wow he's tall!



Here's a pic for ya dude.

girl not dude but, thanks 🙂 and yeah, he's tall like the orginal, and after all totoro is a big creature anyway

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7 minutes ago, BrainJem said:

girl not dude but, thanks 🙂 and yeah, he's tall like the orginal, and after all totoro is a big creature anyway

ahh im sorry, i didn't know, plus im used to saying dude a lot.

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