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Trophy System Soft Opening


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Trophy System Soft Opening
Where did those missing clubs wander off to?  Seeing as they weren't getting much traffic, I repurposed them.  With a little css finessing they've become the core functionality of a trophy system.
Members will be able to earn trophies for various accomplishments, like character creation, write ups in the monthly judgement, and other things.
We're going to start it with a couple of trophies, and if it works out well and people like it, we'll add more as time goes on, likely update the existing imagery etc.
Soft opening is just to make clear that it's in a trial phase, which among other things means its open to suggestion regarding its design, both visually and to some extent functionally. 

Nobody has any trophies yet.  The first round will be given out to the Character of the Month winner, and to contributors in the Monthly Judgement.  Trophies for the Ikemen Dojo will also be made available in the beginning so keep an eye out for the next seasonal Ikemen Tourney.   You must have discipline if you're going to win the Golden Dragon, so training should begin as soon as possible.

They first round of trophies will be made available and visible in the [ EVENTS ] section some time this week.
Let us know what you think here, ask questions etc, feedback is soo very much appreciated!

Aaand some teaser pics:
          qkxYwzF.png          cDrmR38.png          axuDtoQ.png


                      Marble C.ot.M Trophy                            Golden Dragon Trophy (Ikemen Dojo)           Platinum Quill Trophy (for various types of write ups)


The Awards system is now active.
Check out the currently available Awards here.

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