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[DS] Megaman ZX


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Anime Intro

Well its been years since the last megaman zero game came out for the gba and well we all thought that was the end of the series but.....now it gets a sequel and another franchise this is megaman ZX The Story: Mega Man ZX takes place in the year 25XX, about 200 years after the end of the Mega Man Zero series. Humans and Reploids now coexist peacefully. After some time passes, the Humanoids, humans and reploids of Earth manage to revive some of the former nations of Earth. However, preventing further prosperity like back in the old days, incidents around Earth begin when some of the machine lifeforms become Mavericks, making some areas dangerous. Soon, this activity obstructs trading between nations. Thus, the nations become divided into areas designated as Innerpeace, utopistic cities, which provide a safe haven for Humanoids, and the Outlands, where the dangerous Mavericks, Reploids and Mechaniloids who threaten the peace, appeared. Innerpeace and the Outlands are divided into Areas. Remarkable developments were made due to the efforts of the corporation Slither Inc. They possess technology unearthed from ruins in the Outlands. Peaceful life in Innerpeace is maintained by using the technology offered by Slither Inc. Still, in the frontier regions, which are more exposed to the enemy, attacks by Mavericks occur. The Humanoids in these areas develop an organization devoted to the defense of their region, known as the Guardians. The Guardians defend the Outlands and investigate the cause of the Maverick attacks. The original leader of the Guardians disappears during the investigation of an Outlands area. Ten years prior to the beginning of the story, the protagonists, Vent and Aile lose their mother to a Maverick raid in the amusement park and become orphans.[5][6] They were taken in Giro, the owner of Giro Express, which is a delivery service delivering all kinds of items[vague]. Giro is contacted by an unknown person to deliver an important package to a rendezvous point in the Area A forest. At a cliff overlooking the area and the rendezvous point, Vent/Aile reminisce about the Maverick raid that took the life of their mother. Just as Giro and Vent/Aile are ready to pull out, a group of Mavericks attack them, and they fall to the forest below. After waking up, Vent/Aile are told to deliver the package while Giro deals with the Mavericks. Here, they meet face-to-face with Prairie , the leader of the Guardians. This meeting is cut short when a large Mechaniloid snake attacks the group. The package, a piece of floating metal known as Biometal Model X, lends its strength to Vent/Aile, allowing them to Megamerge and transform into Mega Man Model X. With the help of Model X, the snake is destroyed. They are then allowed by Prairie to keep Model X and look for Giro. After finding Giro, in the form of Mega Man Model Z, they board an airship deemed the Guardian's base. Later, a Maverick attack is spotted at the Slither Inc. main office. The duo meet the president of Slither Inc., Serpent, Prometheus and Pandora. Serpent reveals his knowledge of the Biometal and says that he too, is a Mega Man, possessing Model W. He expresses his intent to find the Model W Core, and leaves, but not before possessing a weakened Giro with the power of Model W. A fight ensues, resulting in the death of Giro. In his dying breaths, Giro hands Model Z over to Vent/Aile and then transforms into a Cyber Elf. By Double Megamerging with both Model X and Model Z, they use the form Model ZX to escape. Now the Guardians, including Vent and Aile must recover four remaining Biometal fragments and stop Serpent. Gameplay Megaman ZX follows the elements of both the megaman X series and Zero Series. The players are on a 2-dimensional overlay map in which they must confront enemies and avoid obstacles to get to the boss in which is at the other side. When a player receives a Biometal, he is able to change form, gaining various abilities, such as the charge moves, or charging the player's weapon with an element of that Biometal; for example, Biometal H will charge the weapon with electricity. While in a special form, using the form-specific abilities use up weapon energy. When the player receives the other half of the Biometal, he is able to perform a different special ability. Now for the games difficulty for a megaman game the difficulty is ok not as challenging as the past games but ok, now like most megaman games you can choose where you want to go on the computer screen just select the boss stage and you are ready to go. now like megaman x and Zero games there are a couple of power ups hidden in each stage that can increase your health and add a reserve energy tank. now the game this time has 2 characters vent and aile now there isnt much difference between them in terms of ability and storyline so both their story campaigns can offer the same bosses Sound The sounds of the game can be a hit or miss for megaman fans you may hear some new unique sountracks from the game itself and you will hear some remix tracks from old megaman games Graphics The graphics of the game can be compared to the megaman zero games but they have improved the sprites are a bit brighter compared to the zero sprites in which they where a bit darker Extras: -If you have megaman zero 3-4 you can attach them on the gba slot and face the bosses of those games on megaman ZX, you can also fight omega zero in which if you defeat him you get an item in which you can turn in to unlock Model OX (allows you to use omega zero as a playable character) -Finishing the game with both Vent and aile will unlock Model X as a biometal form its basically megaman x with his super powered X buster and double charged shots in which makes the zx charge shots look like a childs toy. Games Ups and downs Up: -Challenging difficulty on the stages and bosses -Greatly designed stages -different characters provide different styles of gameplay -More bosses to fight if you have megaman zero 3-4 for the gba in your possetion -graphics improved from megaman zero Downs: -can get repetitive when playing the game again as vent of aile if you passed the game with one of them Overall megaman zero fans and megaman fans will problably enjoy this game, platforming fans will enjoy this game as well.
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