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[DS] From The Abyss


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Well its been a few weeks since ive done a review ive been a busy lately uploading stepmania videos and some of the footage for the lets play channel. but aniway please take note that this game is one of those ds tittles that you should avoid at all cost and on this review im gonna tell you why. coming from the depths of hell...its ''from the abyss'' for the nintendo ds The Story:

players control an adventurer in the land of Rubenhaut. Rubenhaut was a peace loving country, ruled by ''the queens'' until a dimensional gate the queens had used to seal away evil was broken. Rubenhaut's armies were incapable of fighting off the evil demons and now it is up to the player to seal them away once more.


The general category of this game that its an overhead dungeon crawler you go inside randomized dungeons to fight monsters and collect items along the way get to the last floor to fight the dungeon boss and then move on to the next dungeon that is pretty much a dungeon crawler in a nut shell. but anyway this game is very bland and plain. well when you start the game you pick a character sprite in which no matter what you pick it wont affect the gameplay what so ever in which there isnt much variety, and then you can choose its color scheme again with not much variety once that is done you can go on to the town screen. now im gonna say this right now the only things that you will be picking is the queens castle to unlock the new dungeons, the weapon/item shop to buy stuff, and the abyss gate to head into the dungeons. the rest of the sections of the town you can just throw it all out the window since the npcs in this game offers no advice to help you what so ever. well the only fun part about this game is heading into the dungeons, well its basic dungeon crawler like i said before fight monsters, collect items, fight boss move on. now here are the flaws on this game one is that the monsters are fairly weak and they mostly die in one or 2 hits. now there are only the basic types of weapons sword, axe, spear, rod and bow. now when you fight a monster and you weaken it you can use this skill called soul capture in which once you capture the monster you get a new skill there are different kinds of skills for each weapon but whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depending on what type of gamer are you but the skills are way to overpowered to say the least. as for basic character customization there isnt much once you lv you distribute status points to make your character stronger but there isn't much thinking needed for this if you are gonna use sword, axe or spear then put all points on str. if its bow, dex and for rod int. idk whats the max level of this game i never got there by the time i finished it but by the time you get to the last dungeon you will prob have max of your main status. but again with or without max status you are way too powerful in this game the only thing that can give you aleast a bit of challenge is the final boss and its becaue of the huge amount of damage that it does but the fight will prob wont lass lest than a minute. well the game can be finished in about 3-5 hrs as for the dungeon the designs on them are ok each dungeon has a different theme but they can get pretty monotonous as the farther you go into the game the longer each dungeon floor gets. surprisingly this game has wireless multiplayer you can bring 3 more people with you but you cant progress the story line while playing on multiplayer but again its not gonna be much fun since everyone is going to be superpower full so im sure only 1 will kill the monsters while the others wont pretty much get a chance unless the group decides to take turns on monster kills


the sounds of this game are a hit or miss. may set an epic tone for when your gonna play an rpg but other ppl will problably not like the sounds


for a 2d dungeon crawler the graphics are ok to say the least but there isn't much to admire in this game

Extra: none Games ups and downs

Up: -ok graphics for a 2d overhead dungeon crawler -large variety of skills for each weapon -you are incredibly powerful(can be considered a good thing or a bad thing depending on whos playing it) Down: -Dungeons get monotonous and repetitive -Game is too easy -monster/bosses barely provide any level of challenge -very little character customization -very little types of weapons -a too simple plot -useless Npc's and sections of the town -you are incredibly powerful


Overall if you are fan of dungeon crawlers i wouldn't recommend this game to dungeon crawler fans or any kind of gamer a fresh factory copy of this game is worth about 20 usds but for a game that bad the price is too high you will usually find preowned copies at gamestop for 5 usds but for me that is still asking for too much. From the abyss for the ds i give it a MUST AVOID AT ALL COST

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