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[XBOX] Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse


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aaaah zombie games usually the player usually takes the role of a survivor or some major bad-ass with huge guns on his arsenal....but even with survival instincts and a huge arsenal it can be pretty hard fighting the zombie horde....and sometimes you wish you could be the horde for a change and feel like what is like having civilization run in fear as your zombie horde....destroys them. well then if this is what your are feeling on zombie games then stubbs the zombie is the game for you.

The story

In 1933, Eddie Stubbs is a traveling salesman during the Great Depression trying to make a living. He temporarily finds happiness with a girl named Maggie Monday, but he meets his unfortunate end when Otis (Maggie's father) comes home, chases him outside, and murders him, dumping his body in the wilderness. Now years later we go 1959 in the futuristic city of PunchBowl where the mayor of the city happens to be maggies son...and just so happens that the city was built right on top of stubbs grave. and so stubb rises from the grave and wants revenge so...he decided to eat the brains of the people of punchbowl.

The Gameplay

as you can see the game is a 3rd person action game. as stubbs you have your melee which is your hands, you can rip ppls arms off, or eat their brains to turn them into zombies in which this is the main mechanic of the game commanding your own zombie horde to attack your human enemies. your enemies in the game will be the military and some of the robots in punchbowl. although it may look like you and your horde could get owned, stubbs has his own arsenal in which they happen to be...parts of his body first there's:

The Gut Bomb: this is your basic hand grenade stubb reaches for his gut and throws it on an area of enemies and watch the whole thing go boom

Intestine grenade: this is mostly a sticky grenade if you throw it at someone it will get stuck on that person and eventually...boom

Fart: yes if i remember correctly stubb can releases a huge fart cloud that can stun enemies thus giving you a chance to attack them

Head Roll: ever hear the term ''use your head'' well stubbs takes it literary, as he can rip his head off and roll it like a bowling ball towards enemies and itl explode and taking anyone around with it...don't worry you'll grow another one back

The hand: since stubb is unable to wield human weapons like guns, he can rip out his hand and throw it now in this state you control stubbs hand as you can crawl around small places like vents or small holes now when you find a human you can use the hand to posses an enemy and you take control of that human which can come pretty handy against a group of armed foes, also stubbs can also steal enemy vehicles like cars and tanks.

Now lets look at the difficulty the game itself can be easy at first but when you start confronting armed military enemies and robots then it might get harder than you think, as for the A.I of the zombie horde well its pretty much set on what a zombie horde would do if they spot a human....attack them on sight which is what they will basically do in this game...although you can command them to follow you or roundup on you so it is best to have your zombie horde at your side. now as for the boss battles the game doesnt have that many bosses, although the first boss battle is basically a dance off, while the last boss can be hard if you dont stop and think for a minute. one of the neat features of this game is Co-Op thats right you and your friend can tackle on the main campaign as 2 stubbs and start your own zombie apocalypse. although once you finish the game there wont be much replay value since there really isn't anything to unlock in the game.


The game itself is built around the same engine that was used to create halo so you can expect good graphics coming from the game.


Most of the in game music will come from most of the classic songs from the 50's and the 60's some songs like ''Lolipop'' by ben kweller and earth angel by death cab for cutie, if you are not into music from the past then you wont enjoy the music of this game.


as said before there really isnt much secrets to unlock theres developer commentary which is by passing the level Hidden Hippo Heads in Insane mode and the fortune easter egg from halo

Verdict: as a single player and co-op gamer i would strongly recommend this game as a buy, but personal opinion the game is more fun to play with someone in co-op

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