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[XBOX] Panzer Dragoon Orta


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This game was one of the first games to ever hit the microsoft xbox Panzer dragoon orta is a sequel to the RPG classic Panzer Dragon Saga.

The Story:

The main story of Panzer Dragoon Orta takes place several decades after the events of Panzer Dragoon Saga. The Empire has risen to power again, and has utilized technology from the Ancient Age to create genetically-engineered dragons called "Dragonmares", that they may rule once again with an iron fist. The dragonmares quickly cause widespread chaos and terror, separating the nations and people governed by the Empire.

You Play as orta a young girl who has spent most of her live in a tower since people believe that she is the harbringer of doom, but one faithfull night a pack of imperial dragonmares attack the city and cause damage to the tower in where orta was imprisoned as orta was about to be attacked she got saved by a mysterious dragon, without hessitation orta quickly climbs the dragons back and you start the game from there.


well the game went back to its roots as it was in the first panzer dragoon game, it went back as a rail gun shooter, although ppl confuse that panzer dragoon saga was the first game but no it is not dragoon saga is a sequel, the Original game was called Panzer Dragoon and it was on the sega saturn. but aniway the gameplay can be intense sometimes since not only do you have enemies coming at you but there are some hazards that you need to dodge, as for the games difficulty it is moderate it can be easy and fun to play but if you are not carefull you will die....alot even on the normal difficulty the game can prove to be quite the challenge.

Now as for your weapons of choice in the game you have ortas gun in which it does rapid fire but ok damage in which u will mostly use this weapon, but theres also the dragons homing laser attacks in which it can hit multiple targets at once, now the dragon can morph its body depending on the situation, it can morph into this giant heavier dragon in which the lasers are more powerfull but your movement gets slow and you can take more damage, then theres speed mode in which the dragon morphs its body into some what of a stealth fighter plane in which you have faster movement but the laser deals the least damage in this form, but your gun firing rate will be much more faster, and then theres its default wing which is the dragons original form, the lasers do ok damage, the guns fire rate is ok, and so is you movement, and the amount of damage you take is at an OK rate.

The boss fights of the game are huge and this can be the best part of the game. you are able to attack the boss from different sides depending on your situation


The game has a mode Called pandoras box in which it contains concept art from the game a whole encyclopedia of the whole panzer dragoon world a bestary of all defeated enemies, it also contains bonus mission in which that expand the main story of the game, along also includes imperial boy in which tells the tale of a young boy who wanted to be an imperial soldier but had a confrontation with Orta and her dragon(imperial boy is also a bonus mission), pandoras box also contains a port so that you can play the Original panzer Dragoon game. all these things take time to unlock but if you have over 20 hrs of play time all the contents of pandoras box can be unlocked ignoring any circumstances.

Over all panzer dragoon fans will be pleased with this one and average gamers will find it quite entertaining but might get a bit confused on the story although the contents of pandoras box will provide the player some info that could atleast get you up to speed, even though the game has been underrated by many ppl since most of them werent familiar with the franchise since the games werent much available in most countries.

if you find this game on the market give it a shot

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