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Dragon Ball Super MUGEN V3


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So I made some changes for the original MUGEN of TrafalgarLawzz.

I made some changes for the mugen, and most of it is the char and stages:
- repalce goku ss, ss3 with the versions of Paintube.
- replace goku MUI with Knightmare version.
- replace vegeta base with Paintube version.
- add Vegeta SS of Paintube.
- replace Gohan of Mikel8888 with the version of Paintube.
- add The Masked Man of Paintube.
- replace Future Trunks with the version of Paintube.
- replace Vegeto Blue of Mythos with Arcutomory version.
- add Paintube's goku black base.
- addGoku black rose by Knightmare.
- replace corrupted zamasu with merged zamasu by knightmare.
- replace Hit with the version of Paintube.
- replace Mikel8888 Jiren with the version of Mythos.
- replace Super Gogeta of Mythos with the version of Mikel8888.
- replace Gotenks with the version of Paintube.
- add Janemba of Mythos, edited by Paintube.
- replace broly with the newest version by Paintube.
- replace Caulifa with the version of Paintube.
- Delete Goku ss2, Teen Gohan SS2, Vegetto SS, Metal Cooler.
The Moveset is the same.


- Paintube

- Mikel888

- Mythos

- Knightmare

- Viniciusonico

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RFZsRFJw6aON6SjIBNEuNc3m9-EhhD1o/view

Roster of the original: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G0ze9deuDurZJbAUsQ-FCTOwCWCZ8jX7/view?usp=sharing

My version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n_8hUdUXbNIiZMjaxFWArFU8_hM9AA0j/view?usp=sharing

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