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  The purpose of this forum is to connect people offering paid Mugen related creative work, with people seeking to pay for custom Mugen related creative work.  For example you might want to pay an experienced sprite artist to make you a custom sprite set.  Or you might be willing to create a custom sprite set for the right price.  Either way, this is where you find your connection. 

   Here are some examples of the type of work you could commission here:  A custom title screen for your motif, a voice patch for a certain character, original stage music, a sprite set for a new attack for an existing character, a 3,472 character slot select screen or a demo video for your recent project.



Any monetary exchanges that take place regarding this work are completely out of our hands.  We take no responsibility for deals made or broken.



Only the following special tags are available on this forum:

          • Creator Offering Work

          • Requesting Creative Work

          • Mugen Coder

          • Mugen Editor

          • Character Creator

          • Stage Creator

          • Motif Creator

          • Spriter
          • Animator
          • Palette Maker
          • Voice Actor
          • Videographer

          • Artist
          • Musician



Some of these tags also exist as roles on our Discord server, independently of how they're used here. 
You might find some connections there on the #mugen-requests channel as well.

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