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Need ideas for stages


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It's been a while since I made a post on here, but I need some help for 2 stages I'm making.


The first stage is for Ryu. I wanted it to be based on the waterfalls Ryu goes to train and meditate.


This is what I got:




At first, I thought this stage is BEAUTIFUL, but now I don't like it much. I wanna remake this stage from the ground up, and I found 3 options for backgrounds and foregrounds:








Which parts from these 3 should I use? Or what are YOUR recommendations for backgrounds and foregrounds?


This next stage is for Akuma. And I need some ideas to make the stage fit Akuma himself.






Does it need flames? Does it need Akuma's kanji? Does it need lava? What are your recommendations?


Ideas from the MFG Discord:


Color 1: Night


Background props 1: Flames


Background props 2: Candles


Background props 3: Torches

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Not in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Akuma has been fighting in caves. Also, we always see Akuma in a environment that's not a temple. Whether it's a volcano, a cave, or a forest.


Sure, Akuma is a warrior, and he has always fought in a temple, but I'm more focused on his demonic side. Plus, I want a more "epic" atmosphere of the stage for this specific theme.



Are you talking about the picture of the stage with MegaMan and Ryu? If so then that's the stage that I'm trying to rebuild. It wasn't finished nor released when my computer broke down. Plus, I don't really like how it looks, to be honest. If you're talking about one of the first stage of the 3 stages that I'm wanting to use, then look up Last Blade 2 Forgotten Forest.

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