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Marvel VS Capcom 1.0 (CVS)

ramon garcia

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Marvel VS Capcom 1.0 (CVS)

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now is the turn of my game mvc inspired, the screenpack is of mordecool, than is very difficult to use, but i have got success in this job
is not a classic mvc, the char in the rooster are various type of hybrid chars and, i have setted the roster to the left capcom and, to the right snk, but is not really a cvs game, all the chars are type mvc
some example of the author used: infinite with him svk, shinzankuro with him vs style, duracelleur with him tosix and more ...
the screenpack have some problems, but is anyway easy use this game, but i suggest to you if you want make a mvc game, of not use mordecool version
as usual i have done an arcade mode, the order selected are thats, 1, 2 and 3, the first are too weak, the second very strong and the third are boss and, all is collocated in the manner to can challenge thats in the base of them AI, the game a lot of chars and 40 stages here down under spoiler the list
in the game are present also the 4 order, but are chars very cheap, too strong for a good challenge, but as usual change the numer in bold if you want fight them

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two videos

direct link:<Mod edit: blacklisted url removed>


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