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Batman (Update 1/4/2019)


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Character Demonstration:





- Injustice 2 voice.
- Reworked so his gameplay can be more similiar to Injustice 2 version.
- Reworked Bat Swarm (old Bat Swarm is glitchy and usually only hit opponents a few hits then knocks them down, making the rest of the bats missed. Now replaced with Zet's Batman's Flash Bomb Strike).
- Reworked Grappling Hook (now Batman is invulnerable if countered, the counter hitbox now covers entire Batman instead of only infront of him, animation now changes into Zet's Batman's Grappling Hook which looks better in my opinion).
- Removed hyper background as they are resource-costly.
- Removed announcer.
- Mix-up/Cross-up detection's improved.
- Added special LV3 Hyper Portrait.
- Fixes a glitch that sometimes makes Bat Swarm cost full power bar.
- Double-jump's added.
- Parry's added.
- Evading roll's added.
- Frame data's changed.
- Now has the trait system from Injustice 2.
- Damage-dampen system's added.
- Special interaction with ZVitor's Jason Todd (unreleased).
- UNO-tag team's supported.


Tag system:
Start - Partner assist
z+c - Tag in/Tag out
D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper

- Wayne Tech: Summoning Bats (C): Batman summons mechanical bats from the sky and they can be used to attack opponents when needed without Batman performing any animations by pressing C again. Has 6-second cooldown. Batman can't tag-out if the bats are on the screen.
- Combo Sting: Inspired by Injustice 2's combo system, Batman now can perform auto-combo by pressing X up to 3 times. Can cancel into medium or hard attacks.
- Wall Jump: can jump against a wall by pressing the opposite button.
- Super Jump.
- Double Jump.
- Recovery Roll.
- Parry.

X - Weak
Y - Medium
Z - Strong
f.Y - Overhead Attack. Hit high.
b.Z - Cape Counter: Inspired by the same move from Injustice 2, Batman will counter the next high melee attack with a flash bomb, which leave opponents open to attack.
Dash + Z: Dash Kick. Hit high and cause wallbounce.
f.A or b.A - Roll
B - Throw (can be teched by opponents)
D.U: Super jump
x+y/y+z/z+x while guarding: Guard Push
Hold Fwd/Back while knocked down: Recovery Roll

Batarang (B,F,x/y/z) (Air-usable): Batman throws Batarangs forward. X version throws 2 Batarangs, Y version throws Explosive Batarang and Z version throws Electric Batarang.
Bat Grapple (D,DF,F,x/y): Shoot a grapple into enemies. X version pulls Batman into opponents and kicks them, causing wallbounce state to them while Y version pulls opponents toward Batman and launches them. Y version can be jump-cancelled into air-combo.
Grapple Swing (D,DF,F,z) (Air-usable): Batman swings away with his grapple. Can cancelled into air-combo if the timing is right.
Strike from Above (D,D,x/y/z): Batman grapples away and attacks from above. Hit high. Can cancelled from successful throw. Landing position is decided by buttons.
Scattered Bombs (D,DB,B,x/y/z) (Air only): An attack from Injustice 2, Batman scattered bat bombs in front of him. If used during air-combo, cause opponents 60-frame untechable knock down.
Dark Knight Combo (D,DB,B,x/y/z): Batman attacks opponents with his martial skills. Can combo 6 times. X/Y version's last hit deals more damage, not safe on block and can be cancelled into Strike from Above if hit. Z version's last hit deals less damage, safe and block and can be cancelled into Batarang. Opponents can act brieftly between the 5th hit and the last hit if he/she isn't in hit state, making this move unsafe on block.

B,F,B,F,x/y/z - Bat Swarm (LV1): Batman throws a flash bomb while calling his bats to confuse opponents then strikes with a powerful kick. Deal non-scale damage and hit full screen.
D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x/y/z - Grappling Hook (LV1): Counter Hyper. Upon hit Batman launches opponents into the sky while grappling away then grab the airborne opponents only to finish them with a Strike from Above. Can be thrown.
D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x+y/y+z/x+z - Dark Knight (LV3): Blind opponents with a smoke bomb, Batman performs a series of actions and ends with a Batmobile into their faces. The Batmobile is unblockable but if the bomb is blocked, Batman will not call the Batmobile.
F,DF,D,DB,B,F,DF,D,DB,B,x+y/y+z/x+z - Bat Revenge (LV3): Unblockable grab. If hit connects, Batman fills the enemy with his pain and suffer while retelling his origin story and beat the hell out of them without killing them because he is Batman. Has start-up invul.


Tag Team Hyper:
Tag-out: Bat Swarm
Tag-in: Dark Knight

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Dear Lord, this guy looks worse than I remembered.
- Updated with a proper damage dampen system.
- Removed super jump.
- Removed all those stupid screenflashes. They hurt my eyes.
- Added falling sounds.
- Update with new hitsparks and hitsounds.
- Some CLSN boxes updates.
- Fixed mis-placed hitsparks.
- Changed position of head pos and mid pos.
- Dashing now works properly.
- Reworked wall bounce.
- Reworked air-combo system.
- Dark Knight Strike no longer has corner push.
- Dark Knight Strike's guard pause increased to 10f.
- Dark Knight Strike Landing now hits low.
- Dark Knight Strike now causes ground bounce.
- Crouching Medium no longer can hit OTG.
- Wayne Tech's cooldown increased from 5 to 10 sec.
- Fixed a glitch that makes Batarang X unable to count hit properly.
- Batarang Y's damage increased from 60 to 90.
- Batarang Y's cheap damage increased from 5 to 20.
- All air Batarang's power gain reduced from 80 to 15.
- Scatterbomb's start up reduced from 11 to 8.
- Scatterbomb now causes fall.
- Scatterbomb now has start-up invul.
- Scatterbomb's physic changed.
- Grapple Swing now causes fall.
- Dark Knight Combo now can be canceled into Smoke Bomb during any instances.
- Smoke Bomb now costs 500 power.
- Standing Hard's damage reduced from 100 to 90.

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