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AI patches by Infernal Spectre

Infernal Spectre

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Please note that AI patches for winmugen characters were set to be always enabled by default. You can set the AI variable(usually 59) in cmd file.

And I apologize for uploading whole characters, most of these patches are rather old and I just can't remember what was changed.

List of characters:


Runa from Nijikaku game

Queen of Heart by A-Tye
Sephiroth by MGSSJ2
DreamForm Sula by Crucifix
Archetype Sun by Hei Meiling
Satsujin=ki=(Quick Silver) by Ageha
Yue by Lucas
Yukino-KOFM lv2 by Zelgadis and Tai
Astolfo by beppu/XS
G_raging by Raisu
Majikina Mioh by Cerenas

Miyako X by ALICE

Evil Kula by Metroker

Ryona by sog

Noa by Madagascar(For this one i did some bugfixes and gameplay changes for balancing sake, I guess this can be considered as a weakening patch too)



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Updated the folder with following patches/minor edits:


KishiMAX by HM

A' by メネス王

Akiha_F by nekozuki@

Aufheben by Dark Ruler

Bathory by Mmmmuchi,Sky79,DivineWolf,MrGiang,Empawk

Crystalia(Krystalea) by sinzaki

DariusTides by BloodTide

GODmagaki(Nameless One) by Y&K

Jinjya by tokage

Madotsuki by MGSSJ2

Nanase by maruta

2toshin Alice by SUI

ShadowLady by Jmorphman

Shikiex(Shikiko) by チユリ&&エス

Power Lyzer by DnO

Super Akarin by NIN

Wireframe Boxer by DXWho

Zi-Leiling by ReVolUTioN-DeLtA

Juliette Elpis by Dream Illumination(comes only as cmd file, get the character here http://piano999.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-396.html)


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