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[ARC] Red Earth/Warzard


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Red Earth is an Arcade Game made by Capcom that mixed the fighting game concept, and mixing it with RPG elements,as well as the first arcade game to be made using the CPS3 System. Red Earth is basically a game that focuses on 4 warriors who wander the land of a ruined Earth [which is why the game's called "Red Earth"] in "the year of 13XX of our lord" to stop multiple monsters and stop the big bad from destroying humanity. The gameplay is much like most other fighters by Capcom, think of it like Darkstalkers or Marvel Super Heroes in a way, so its easy to get used to. Your basic objective in each stage is to beat the boss. That's it. Simple right? Wrong. They're all bosses, and can put up a bit of a fight, and to top it off: When you beat the last stage, you only gain SOME of your health back, not all of it. On the bright side, if you lose and continue, the boss you lost to only gets some health back to, so that's a perk of the game. As for the RPG elements, you gain levels for every stage you beat, every jewel you pick up, and on how well you fight. The Maximum level is 32, in which you gain more defensive, attack power, new moves, resistances etc, and you get different titles depending on your level and the character your using. And don't freak, if you want to fight with a friend, then the 2 player mode is versus, though you have to use a password to get your character back is a drag, it was reasonable because it was an arcade game. Sadly however, this game didn't get much attention because: 1. No one really bought the machine [which is why it never came to the US] because there were only four playable characters 2. No one seemed to like the characters, or like the very concept Which is why it fell into obscurity. To the point that it didn't even get a home console port, as well as whenever a Red Earth Character appeared in an outside title, people would be confused who it was or where they came from; and if they DID know them, they would complain about them being in said game. Hell, I read an FAQ on SNK vs Capcom Chaos, and the author labeled Tessa [the witch] as a Darkstalkers character. In short: it's a good game, that didn't deserve to be fall into extreme obscurity and deserves AT LEAST a console port.
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